Try Whitewater Kayaking

I have been kayaking several times. I have been whitewater rafting several times. I have just never combined the two. My whitewater experience has been fairly good and yet horrific at the same time.

I am naturally a good swimmer but for some reason have feared the idea of falling out of a raft. I have fallen out several times but followed directions and kept my feet downstream and my head above water. Well, except one time. The last time I remember going whitewater rafting I nearly drowned.

I was on the Natahalla River which is typically a tamer river than others I had been on. Our stupid guide got us stuck on a rock at falls near the end. When another raft dislodged us, someone from their raft fell out and grabbed me on they way down. We got stuck in a hydraulic and the raft was trapped overhead in the same hydraulic. I was stuck under there for over a minute getting kicked in the head by the other person until I pulled myself free. Rescue crews did not know we were underwater and were looking for us a quarter-mile down stream.

Needless to say, I have not been excited about facing rapids again. But, I like a challenge and whitewater kayaking has always intrigued me. So time to chance the rapids again and ride the waves.



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