Learn to have a conversation in another language or sign language

Between high school and college I have four years of Spanish under my belt. However, the only sentence I still know how to say is “Tu madre es una mujer cabra.” Roughly translated, it means “Your mother is a goat woman.” I do not think that is going to get me very far in international relations.

I am not necessarily needing to learn Spanish again, though I won’t rule it out. But I would like to learn to have a conversation it at least one foreign language. An acceptable substitute would be sign language. I picked up a little bit when I was in college because I wanted to communicate with a deaf pledge brother. I also had a friend who is in an interpreter teach me how to sign “Hello. How are you today? I think you are beautiful. Let’s go make out.” So far, it has not worked.

Regardless of my past failures, I want to pick a language, learn to carry on a decent conversation and then be able to use those skills to either travel to a country where the language is used or at least a part of town. I have not decided if I will take lessons, use Rosetta Stone or use some other method so I am willing to listen to what worked for you.



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Quick List

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  • Visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park
  • Hike the Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina portions of the Appalachian Trail
  • Get licensed in Counseling
  • Get weight below 200 pounds
  • Learn to play three songs on the piano
  • Get BachelorBytes website started
  • Make it through an entire Smithsonian
  • Learn to have a conversation in another language or sign language
  • Visit Wrigley Field
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Sing karaoke
  • Buy a gun and get my concealed carry permit
  • Have all debt not related to a mortgage and/or a new car paid off
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Buy a house
  • Get a dog
  • Go to the Raptor Center
  • Get a straight razor shave
  • Try whitewater kayaking
  • Finish my book/screenplay
  • Catalogue my baseball/sports cards
  • Catalogue my comic books
  • Make my 50 by 50 list
  • Learn Tai Chi
  • Go to a State Fair
  • Go to a rap concert
  • Get my dream football, baseball or basketball signed
  • Watch Pretty Woman, Love Actually and Dirty Dancing
  • Ride a horse again
  • Try a Vegan diet for one week
  • Try a Gluten Free diet for one week
  • Run a 10K race in under an hour
  • Go back to England
  • Go on another international mission trip
  • Read Pride and Prejudice
  • Get retrained in CPR
  • Visit a NASCAR event
  • Visit an In-N-Out Burger
  • Spend 24-hours straight in Amelie's Bakery
  • Create my last will and testament
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