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Buy a Gun and get Concealed Carry Permit

Buy a Gun and Get My Concealed Carry Permit – Complete

I held off on writing this one for a long time. And it seemingly delayed all of my other posts. Maybe with this out of the way I can write more.

I have actually owned a gun for about two years now and had my concealed carry for a little over a year. As I intended to finally get around to writing this post, some sicko shot innocent people in a movie theater. If you were a gun owner, you did not get an opinion. Guns were evil and so was every person that thought they should be legal. As the fury subsided and it felt safe to publicly cross this off my list, the horrors of Newtown happened and vitriol towards gun owners hit an all time high and ridiculous laws that would not have prevented either tragedy started getting passed at state levels to go with the political grandstanding.

There is a long debate as to why I think those laws are stupid, make the citizens actually unsafer and what laws I would put in place (yes, there is room for gun laws that do not threaten the second amendment).

I will say that I fully understand people’s apprehension with guns and furthermore the cowboy mentality a lot of gun owners display. But when someone in your family has been held up at gun point twice, you also understand that the police will almost never be there to protect you in the moment.

With that being said, my point is not launch into a long debate over gun control and the “need” to carry. North Carolina is an open carry state. I got my Concealed Carry License so as not alarm others when I do carry. I carry because I don’t want to be a victim or feel helpless as this world gets increasingly violent.

But, I am a responsible gun owner. I do not wave my gun around. I do not threaten people with the fact that I own a gun. If I’m not at the range and it is loaded, it ALWAYS stays holstered. If I pull it out, at least two lives are going to be forever changed and I don’t ever want that.

I have read this before but I think it sums up my thoughts on what should be the mentality of everyone who carries a gun:

“From now on, when dealing with (ed.) crazy / possibly violent people, you will lose every argument. You are always wrong. You are sorry for impinging on their day. You will apologize and apologize again. You will back the **** down. You will put your tail between your legs. You will let them talk **** about your ladyfriend. You will let them call your mother a bitch and a ***** and your dad a bastard. You have no ego.

You do all this because if you are the one to start a fight, by default that fight now has a gun in it, and if you start losing, you’re going to pull it and kill him. And even if you don’t go to jail because you could convince the jury that it was self-defense, you’re going to have to live with the fact that you could have saved someone’s life and yet you let your ego kill someone. “You are not the police, so don’t act like them. Though all of you [civilians] are better shots than the police, you do not have the training, the continuum of force policy, or a union plus free lawyers protecting you if you screw up.

But after backing down and trying to apologize, if at any time you then feel your life or that of a loved one is in danger, put three rounds into his [cardiothoracic] vault, call the police, give a statement, go home, and sleep like a baby. You did all you could for your attacker, and he was the one that made the final decision to kill himself.”

With all of that being said, I am sympathetic to the anti-gun culture but do not believe what they believe and do not appreciate their attempts to throttle responsible gun owners. Guns are not only for protection but can be a fun hobby too. And if you don’t believe me, I would be happy to take you to the shooting range just once, teach you gun responsibility and then the thrill of squeezing off a few rounds into a safe inanimate object. I find it a truly enjoyable experience without using it to “blow off steam” or “train to kill.” I think most responsible gun owners would agree.

Regardless, this is being crossed off my list.


About Kevin Lock

Consultant, Christ follower, Eagle Scout, Tennessee Alum. I speak my mind but mind my speak. Daily working to turn inspiration into action.


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