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It is finally up and running

I am excited to finally post that all of the descriptions for my 40 to do by 40 list are written. You can access the main page here. You can also click on each individual goal to read the full description.

Please let me know if you would like to join me on ANY of these goals. When I was working on my 30 by 30 list, I had people join me for sky diving, building my desk, working on a Habitat house, donating blood, snowboarding, hunting, fly fishing, running my 10K, and others. All in all, I had someone participate in 14 of my completed goals. Review my 40 to do by 40 list and if you want to do it too, let me know in the comment section and I can let you know when I am working on it.

In the time it took my to actually complete the website, I have already completed Running a Half Marathon and am working on Going on Another International Mission Trip. I have a gun and am waiting on my Concealed Carry License to be sent to me. Those posts will be written shortly and added to the site.

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About Kevin Lock

Consultant, Christ follower, Eagle Scout, Tennessee Alum. I speak my mind but mind my speak. Daily working to turn inspiration into action.


One thought on “It is finally up and running

  1. i think i could probably help you out with the gluten free diet one… i mean maybe

    Posted by marcy turner | February 6, 2012, 7:44 pm

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Quick List

Click here to see the list explained

  • Visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park
  • Hike the Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina portions of the Appalachian Trail
  • Get licensed in Counseling
  • Get weight below 200 pounds
  • Learn to play three songs on the piano
  • Get BachelorBytes website started
  • Make it through an entire Smithsonian
  • Learn to have a conversation in another language or sign language
  • Visit Wrigley Field
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Sing karaoke
  • Buy a gun and get my concealed carry permit
  • Have all debt not related to a mortgage and/or a new car paid off
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Buy a house
  • Get a dog
  • Go to the Raptor Center
  • Get a straight razor shave
  • Try whitewater kayaking
  • Finish my book/screenplay
  • Catalogue my baseball/sports cards
  • Catalogue my comic books
  • Make my 50 by 50 list
  • Learn Tai Chi
  • Go to a State Fair
  • Go to a rap concert
  • Get my dream football, baseball or basketball signed
  • Watch Pretty Woman, Love Actually and Dirty Dancing
  • Ride a horse again
  • Try a Vegan diet for one week
  • Try a Gluten Free diet for one week
  • Run a 10K race in under an hour
  • Go back to England
  • Go on another international mission trip
  • Read Pride and Prejudice
  • Get retrained in CPR
  • Visit a NASCAR event
  • Visit an In-N-Out Burger
  • Spend 24-hours straight in Amelie's Bakery
  • Create my last will and testament
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